​ パッチワークに出会った10歳よりも、もう少し幼かった頃。



  In my childhood, even before I was 10 years old when I was enrolled in the class of patchwork.

I remember that my mother taught me how to sew together some square pieces of cloth. In a small candy box, there were few town needles, sewing needle, white thread, and favorite thread trimming pendant. I couldn’t complete at last, even though I challenged that several times. Now, I realize the texture of old clothes and the touch of needle.

What is the sewing for me, it is difficult to say clearly. But I never stop to sewing.

I wish some my art works touch someone's heart.


瀬川夏帆 Kaho Segawa



​ Kaho Segawa is an artist of sawing. She was born in Indiana in 1994, and grew up in Shizuoka in Japan. From childhood, she enjoyed drawing and handicraft. she has studied under patchwork teacher since she was 10 years old. She has started making an artworks that was sawing with her original illustration since 2013.

2016   個展「Summer Sailing -夏の日に出航する、私とテキスタイル作品展」

2018 個展「montage」


2019 作品展示「KAHO SUZUKI パッチワーク×モノクロ写真 カラフルなアートの世界」


   グループ展「こうさくてん 金沢市21世紀美術館」

   個展「Where I am.」浜松


2020 作品展示「KAHO SUZUKI」

​   個展「鈴木夏帆作品展」浜松

​2021 瀬川夏帆個展 名古屋 GALLERY37°

   作品展 CROSS OVERタイバンコク

   作品展 ウエストゴートコーヒ―

   個展キオクとリンカク はままちプラス

2022 瀬川夏帆個展 春一番乗り 磐田市新造形創造館

   KAHOGOパッケージコンペティション 採用

   東海染工株式会社との共同事業 オリジナルテキスタイル製品化